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Last updated March 18th, 2012.

Home breeding of cavalier king charles spaniels in all colours.

Our brood bitches are regularly checked and they have all clear heart, eye and patella certificates at the time of mating. We do also scan for syringomyelia and take hip and elbow x-rays.

About Satu

My name is Satu Turunen. I live in a city called Vantaa, which is located near Helsinki, the capital of Finland. At the moment I have five cavalier girls living at home with me. I also co-own some cavaliers with friends of mine.

Ms Satu Turunen, FIN-01350 VANTAA, FINLAND
E-mail: satu(at)kallioluodon.com

Our cavalier king charles spaniels

Tessa, Summer 2000
Jablen Rachelina "Tessa"

Black&tan bitch. [pedigree]
D.o.B. 24.8.1997. 1 * Fin CC.

Breeder: Ms Jaana Leppiaho

Tessa is the lady of the house ... or at least she would like to be!

Tessa has proven to be a good brood bitch, maybe not it quantity but definitely in quality. She is the proud mother of FIN&S CH Jablen Xebastian and FIN CH Jablen Cappuccino, both bred by Ms Jaana Leppiaho.

Oulu, Finland 24.10.1998
Judge: Mr Jack Travers, Ireland
"15 months old. Very attractive. Nice head and expression. Eyes perhaps on the large size. Topline excellent. Very sound and well balanced dog. Moved well."

Tessa got clear heart certificate in April 2003 (age 5 years 7 months) but unfortunately she was found to have a murmur in August 2003 just a couple weeks before her 6th birthday.

Sani in summer 2010
Ilopirtin Xanthippe "Sani"

Tricolour bitch. [pedigree]
D.o.B. 13.11.2007.

Breeder: Ms Seija Lalli

Sani came to live with us as an youngster in spring 2009. We have been training some agility and also obedience. Sani has had one litter in kennel Neftarin.

Turku, Finland 22.01.2011
Judge: Mr Michael Levy, UK
"Nice outline. Pretty head. Large expressive eyes. Good muzzle. Nice, bright tan. Strong rear. Needs to settle when moving. Good topline. Busy, outgoing temperament. Nice type."

Geisha as a puppy (autumn 2004)
Kallioluodon Geisha "Muusa"

Tricolour bitch. [pedigree]
D.o.B. 31.3.2004.

Breeder: Ms Satu Turunen

Muusa is Kinuski's daughter. She will stay home as our pet. She was unfortunately found to have a heart murmur at age of two years and was spayed a couple years later, but otherwise she is a nice dog. I have competed in agility (mini3) with her and nowadays we are training and competing in obedience.

Jyväskylä, Finland 21.11.2009
Judge: Ms June Barraclough, UK
"Lovely size and shape. Short coupled body. Good constructions. Good angulation. Lovely neck. Very good head. Large dark eyes, black nose. Nice ears. Moved very well. Very happy little girl."

Aino, summer 2010
Sideways Sable Marimba "Aino"

Black&tan bitch. [pedigree]
D.o.B. 2.11.2009.

Breeders: Ms Anita Savolainen & Ms Sara Supply

Aino is training agility with me and we attend to dog shows as well.

Turku, Finland 22.01.2011
Judge: Mr Michael Levy, UK
"Pretty black&tan. Good body and outline. Like her balance and overall make and shape. Pretty head with kind eyes. Moves with drive. Well handled."

These dogs we co-own

Young Manna (spring 2007)
Kallioluodon Illanvirkku "Manna"

Tricolour bitch. [pedigree]
D.o.B. 11.3.2007.

Breeder: Ms Satu Turunen

Manna is Tessa's grand-daughter. She is co-owned with family Savolainen in terms of breeding.

Young Nelli (summer 2008)
Kallioluodon Java "Nelli"

Black&tan bitch. [pedigree]
D.o.B. 14.1.2008.

Breeder: Ms Satu Turunen

Nelli is Tessa's grand-daughter and Kinuski's daughter. She is co-owned with family Kovac in terms of breeding.

Jyväskylä, Finland 21.11.2009
Judge: Ms June Barraclough, UK
"Nice size and shape. Well constructioned. Nice angulation. Good arched neck. Good shoulders. Very pretty head. Lovely ears. Large dark eyes. Good pigment. Riched tan. Level topline and good tail carriage. Moves well. Happy little girl and enjoying herself!"

Planned litters for years 2012-2013

We have puppies! Ruby and blenheim boys looking for own home!

Kallioluodon M-pentue kahden viikon iässä

Our latest litter was born March 3rd, 2012 out of Kallioluodon Kanerva "Moona". This is a double mating and the sire candidates are CH Magnumin Agent "Maksi" and Kallioluodon Hercule Poirot "Samu". The puppies will be DNA tested at the age of four weeks to confirm their parentage.

We are planning puppies for Kallioluodon Java "Nelli" and possibly also for Ilopirtin Xanthippe "Sani".

In loving memory

Kinuski, Summer 2002
Jablen China Rose "Kinuski"

Tricolour bitch. [pedigree]
28.3.2001 - 27.9.2009. 1 * Fin CC.

Breeder: Ms Jaana Leppiaho

Kinuski was the first particolour living in our cavalier family.

We concentrated on agility (class 3/3), but she did well in obedience too. She also completed the CGC test successfully.

Hyvinkää, Finland 13.7.2002
Judge: Ms Annamaria Tarjan, Hungary
"Good size. Good head. Correct, complete scissor bite. Good ears. The white in the muzzle is not clean. Level back, deep chest. Correct tail and legs. Very free in movement."